Midway Station Sunset, Oklahoma - Weekly Image


Midway Station Sunset, Oklahoma - Weekly Image

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During the course of my research, whether it is related to our local Maryland history, or as in the case with our family history, much further afield, I love to take photographs that capture something about the places I visit. I've found that when I share these snapshots I get a lot of positive reaction from people so I'd like to share some of them in their own right. To this end I will endeavor to share at least one image a week with a little information about the photo and where it was taken rather than get into a lot of historical detail. I will also provide a link to my scrapbook where you can view and download higher resolution versions.

This image of a Midway Station sunset was taken on a cold but sunny December evening, deep in the Oklahoma countryside, close to the town of Mulhall. We were visiting relatives who live at Midway Station, a one time small holding/grocery store/automobile shop (or garage for my UK readers) that was operated by Lorne and
Alice Stewart from 1939 through to the 1970's. In its day the station played an important focal point in a very rural community but now is a quiet residential property.

Click on the image to view this in high resolution, along with others from my articles (to see the gallery click on 'close' in the top right corner of the screen with the image in).

Midway Station Sunset, Oklahoma


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Love the pic and the bit of history about the location. Oklahoma sure does have some beautiful sunsets.

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Certainly does, thanks Linda

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