About The Sun Rides High

I started this website in 2009 to gather and publish stories about our family history. I wanted to share what I have found, and allow others to find out more, connect and correct my understanding of how we have got to where we are today.

Our immediate lineages are Ricketts, Stewart, Muller, Avera but my journey starts here with the Burright’s who are my wife’s grandmother’s lineage. The Burright’s have a long and fairly well documented story reaching back to the late 1700’s. Which brings me to the name of the website …

The Sun Rides High is a memoir of Orrin Ulysses Burright, compiled and published by his daughter Ora Blanche Burright during the early 1970’s. It is an interesting record of a well established American family as it made its way from the Mohawk Valley, New York to the Land Run in Oklahoma. An interesting mix of fact and fiction it does give a really good starting point for our research.

As I previously mentioned ‘The Sun Rides High’ website was established in 2009. I kept it up sporadically but recently had a huge issue with the set up to the point where I had to rebuild the site. The refresh gave me chance to re-work the content and weed out the chaff so its currently very light on articles. As I rebuild the site keep in touch with me at paul@thesunrideshigh.com, @paulricketts on twitter or subscribe to receive update by email by adding your email to the box in the side bar.