Charles Shreeve (1841-1864)

Born in Flegg, Norfolk, England Charles Shreeve traveled with his family, first to Canada and then to Illinois. He died fighting in the American Civil War at Kenesaw Mountain, Georgia.

Charles Shreeve died on Kennesaw Mountain, Georgia

Birth and immigration

According to the UK Birth, Marriages and Deaths register Charles Shreeve was born in the early part of 1841, in Flegg, Norfolk, England. He was the fifth child of John Shreeve and Happy Harvey. John and Happy migrated to Canada around about 1846. After living in Dunn Township, Ontario they moved to Ogle, Illinois.

Charles set up home in Scott Township. In the 1860 Federal Census he can be found as head of household living with his father John, his younger brother Benjamin and a woman called Jenette. At this point in time we know very little about Jenette except her age and that she came from Canada. She is about the same age as John Shreeve although there is no proof that they were actually married.

Charles Shreeve death

In 1862 Charles joins the 74th Illinois Infantry. On June 27 1864 Charles is killed in action at Kenesaw Mountain.


Image By Mikereichold (Own work) [CC BY-SA 2.5], via Wikimedia Commons